Recycling Program

Showcasing our dedication to sustainable manufacturing and a more eco-friendly tomorrow, each Neuwood Living product features the long-lasting Neuwood QR code. You can find it conveniently placed underneath the tabletop or inside chair legs.

This QR code plays a crucial role in our recycling program, empowering you to scan and responsibly dispose of your old Neuwood Living furniture at zero extra cost. It’s our way of actively participating in a future that’s kinder to the environment.

How it Works


Locate the QR code on your Neuwood Living Product and scan it with your phone or tablet to register your product(s).


After registration, your information is automatically added to our Recycling Program database.


When you’re ready to recycle your old Neuwood Living furniture, just scan the QR code on your furniture again to start the recycling process.


You’ll then receive clear instructions on how to get your items ready for the recycling pick-up.


One of our reliable recycling partners will come to your location, pick up the furniture, and transport it to one of our North American collection points—all at no extra cost to you.


Using our unique renewable process, we break down your old product(s) into its original raw materials to make new furniture.


This exclusive recycling program is designed specifically for Neuwood Living products you wish to dispose of. We’re here to make recycling easy for you!

*Please note that this is a separate process from warranty claims or product returns. For warranty claims please check our warranty page.