Elegant, Eco-friendly Outdoor Furniture

Neuwood Living© is a progressive designer, builder, and purveyor of eco-friendly outdoor furniture. We use a new Bioinspired Synthetic Wood that employs science and technology to build beautiful wood-like solutions and help you make good decisions for your outdoor furnishings.


Changing the Game – A Third Choice

For years, the only two choices for outdoor wood furnishings were natural wood and a composite synthetic wood. But both have offsetting advantages and disadvantages that ultimately leave buyers at the crossroads. Neuwood Living© products use a new Bioinspired Synthetic Wood. It looks, feels, and behaves uncannily like wood. It also remedies the problems with outdoor exposure and mitigates the environmental issues associated with our industry. Finally, a third choice.


See it, Feel it, Believe It

Home owners have a great affinity for the look and feel of natural wood. It took 10 years to build a viable synthetic wood with the same fibrous textures, asymmetrical rings, and even the natural surface imperfections. “I can’t believe it’s NOT wood” – Neuwood Customers


Imagine, Build and Inspire

Artisans and woodworkers have been sawing, sanding, drilling, and shaping wood for millennia. This freedom to craft, design and inspire gives wood its earthy, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind feel. Neuwood® preserves this timeless craft by mimicking the behaviors and characteristics of wood.


Contours for the Human Form

Most outdoor wood furniture remains plank-based designs to minimize wood crafting and avoid costly, unusable scraps. However, with our Neuwood®materials, there are no scraps. We recycle everything. We can design to our heart’s content with curves and contours that fit the human form with zero waste.


Time Happens

Extreme climate exposure (rain, snow, humidity and UV rays) is the bane of outdoor wood furnishings. The passage of time brings warping, cracking, splitting, peeling, and fading.  Neuwood® remedies this with its most salient feature – it is resolutely waterproof. This aspect resolves the many issues described above. 

Neuwood® Salient Features

Resists Extreme Climate

Very durable against temperature, humidity and UV. 

Impervious to Invasive Bugs

There is no organic material to attract insects. 

Waterproof & Stainproof

Does not soak or absorb liquids. No warping or staining. 

Recyclable Regenerable

Can be recycled back to its original material several times over. 

Safe, Non-Toxic Materials

Material is similar to products requiring food container or toy grade. 


Leading with Nature

Neuwood® materials were designed based on Biomimetics or Biomimicry. By this, engineers first focused on deconstructing natural wood. They then reconstructed a material that mimics the beauty and characteristics of wood. Furthermore, they were able to make a product even better than wood. They made sure these technologies were on course for positive global environmental change.


Pride and Joy

Our work is to employ advanced technologies to mimic natural wood beauty and help our customers make good decisions about purchasing outdoor furnishing. 

We also look to team up with like-minded companies and consumers to mitigate the depletion of our natural resources. We hope to give forests a chance to regenerate and flourish again. 

If we can do that and still enjoy the ambiance of natural wood, it would be the best decision of all – Pride and Joy.